Frequently Asked Questions
how to place my ads on

If you want to place you ads on please Email us on and send you info 

how to join and earn money  visit submit you deatels and join us and earn lotes of money 

how to change mu password

if you want to chabge you pass click on ( Forgot your password?) and submit you eamil then a link will be send to your email then you can change you password 

how much can i earn

you can earn more then 100$ with us 

how much is minimum withdrawal

you can withdrall 2$ for standed account and limit is 20$

how to upgrade my account and earn a lot

please email us on  


can i post free ads

yes every member can post free ads like ptc and banner you will be aloted points if you do offers and you can use the offers and create you own banner ads 

can i buy direct from add to cart

no you can direct buy from add to cart plz send us mail on and you can pay from